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My name is Tomè and I have been passionate about photography since the first day I picked up a camera. I love the experience of working with my clients and hearing their satisfaction once they receive the photos. This is a profession for me and I strive to give my clients nothing but professional service, because that is what they deserve.

I will probably do (and make you join me in doing) a bit of bundu bashing on your wedding day in order to get that epic shot.

I am passionate about GOD, people and my photography.

I Love Capturing a Couple's most special day, it makes life so much more beautiful!

I am a Qualified Wedding Photographer,at weddings I always work with a second photographer.

The important thing is to know you’ll be getting at least two perspectives on your day, two pairs of eyes watching for those candid moments, two ways of looking at everything that happens.

We have a passion for creating beautiful images, and the eye to do so. We strive for excellence in every shot we take. We have chosen to specialize in Wedding Photography, because we love to share the magic that happens at a wedding. We know that you want someone who will capture honest moments with style and grace, integrity and creativity!

I would love to hear from you and what you have planned for your wedding! POP over to the Contact Us page for frequently asked questions.